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In order to commercialize the industrial chain of emerging display technology and discover a new blue ocean, Executive Yuan R.O.C. (Taiwan) approved the “Taiwan Display Technology and Application Action Plan” in 2020. By fostering cross-sector collaboration among the suppliers of display components, panels, system integrators, and application service providers in Taiwan, this Action Plan leverages the existing industrial benefits to create a comprehensive solution for system integration.

Accordingly, the SDIA (Smart Display Industrial Alliance) was founded by the Industrial Development Administration Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. (Taiwan) in 2021.

To achieve the goal of cross-sector collaboration in display panels, components, software, system integration, and service applications, the SDIA has developed four SIGs (Special Interest Groups) corresponding to the four major sectors, Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Mobility, and Smart Eduacation and Recreation, to integrate and link up the industry-government-university-institute energy and resources, and to develop smart display application solutions. During the process, the SDIA can provide services with farsighted display technology for trial production, promote the commercialization of innovative technologies, and interconnect the demands between domestic and international application fields associated with Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Mobility, Smart Education and Recreation. Not only introduces the solutions of smart display system integration into field and scenario verification but also the policies and resources to encourage industrial upgrading for boosting the sustainable development of the smart display industry in Taiwan and gaining a whole new competitive advantage globally.

Organizational Structure

Scope of Applications

Smart Healthcare
Focused on smart hospitals, smart long-term care (LTC), remote care, home health care, and other medical- and healthcare-related fields, it combines emerging technologies such as 5G, image recognition, VR, smart display, and other applications to establish various smart healthcare systems, including smart bedside care, nursing decision support, and management systems. With the aid of smart solutions and medical ICT technology, the burden on healthcare workers shall be eased significantly. Smart Healthcare may achieve the development of modular smart hospital programs, increase the speed and accuracy of medical interpretation, limit clinical errors in the interpretation of data, offer better diagnostic quality, advance doctor-patient communication, improve the problem of unequal distribution of resources, and also create new business opportunities in the medical field.
Smart Retail
To respond to shifts in consumer behavior, it aims to the distribution channels, retail stores, and large or small malls to adopt digital signages, transparent or flexible displays, electronic shelf labels, interactive sensing tech, and application products, while introducing technologies including 5G, AR/V, IoT, cloud, big data, AI, and more. With high-precision and low-latency environmental perception technology, display applications and products' ultra-high resolution and interactive functions integrate real objects into a virtual environment. More data will be collected through interactive sensing tech to deliver a better customer experience. Consumer behavior patterns can be fully grasped to get more accurate sales data.
Smart Mobility
To combine with the lower-latency features of 5G and higher-bandwidth, through the developing of system solutions for different application fields such as human-machine interfaces for vehicles, vehicle safety information systems, electronic rearview mirrors, panoramic digital dashboards, center consoles, rear seat entertainment system screens, and integrated safety assistance systems, the smart display system solutions have been established for various types of mobile vehicles by integrating automotive technology services and the industrial strengths of ICT. In addition to refining the in-car entertainment for passengers, the environmental perception and detection range of vehicles are enhanced, data transmission and feedback speed are boosted, road safety is improved, and traffic deaths and injuries are reduced.
Smart Education and Recreation
To combine with high-end gaming monitors, electronic whiteboards, ultra-large interactive digital signages, splicing screen systems, and AR/VR equipment, thinner and lighter wearable devices can be built through the 5G technology. Aiming to the creation of immersive experience, the high-resolution 8K live broadcast, 360-degree 3D virtual reality concerts, intelligent interactive/guidance systems that incorporate the design of five senses for smart campus and large-scale installation arts, and display and playback systems for large exhibitions and events are developed. Through major esports tournaments, cooperative marketing in smart exhibition halls, multimedia curation solutions, and somatosensory amusement parks, the new services and system solutions required by the commercial models can be created and customized to boost brand-new display applications in education, entertainment, esports, and art sectors.


The SDIA Secretariat is held by the Smart Color Display Industry Project Office (CIPO) which was founded by the Industrial Development Administration Ministry of Economic Affairs. The SDIA Secretariat is responsible for the alliance operation, task coordination between each promotion working group and SIG, integration and disclosure of alliance-related information, as well as facilitating lateral communication between members and hosting business matchmaking events. The SDIA Secretariat serves as the bridge between manufacturers and the smart field markets. By integration and sharing of information, it assists members in exploring business opportunities and creating a blue ocean for mutual benefits.

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  • Smart field trend seminars or forums
  • Smart display application field exchange meetings
  • Emergency technology seminars

Industrial Cooperation

  • Upstream, midstream, and downstream cooperation in smart display industry
  • Cross-sector collaboration between smart healthcare/retail/mobile/recreation fields and smart display industry
  • Alignment between member demand and customized supply
  • Promotion of system application and innovative product development

Market Expansion

  • Providing members with the latest information about global display and application market
  • Output to the domestic and international field markets

Trial Production Platform

  • High-end display production, such as Micro LED/OLED/sensor fusion
  • Introducing scenarios of integration applications to verify the value of the display module

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  • Contact us: IDB.SDIA@itri.org.tw
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